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Call 515.967.6768 to enroll

We limit class size (for all classes) to allow for personal attention. Rover's Ranch is a member of the national Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), dedicated to positive training methods based on solid theory and practice. Darcy passed a rigorous 120-hour training curriculum written by top trainers from North America. In September 2004 Darcy passed the 4-hour national certification exam to earn the Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowlege Assessed (CPDT-KA) designation by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She participates in conferences and workshops each year to earn continuing education credits to keep her knowledge current, perfect her skills, and maintain her certification. There are approximately 730 certified trainers in the US, Canada, Singapore, Japan and the Bahamas.

We offer the following classes:

PUPPY - (age 8 weeks - 5 months)6 weeks $120
Learn the basics of raising a puppy to be a well behaved member of your family. We help you with issues such as chewing, nipping, jumping up and housetraining. Also basic behaviors; sit, down, wait, leave it, walking nicely on a leash, come & more.

BASIC OBEDIENCE 1 - (age 5 months & up) 6 weeks, $120
It includes teaching you and your dog to be a team. Focus is on basic behaviors such as sit, down, leave it, wait, stay, recall, leash walking and more. We also work on problem behaviors from jumping up to digging.

BASIC OBEDIENCE 2: 6 weeks, $120
This class helps you take your dogs basic behaviors to the next level. We want to make sure the behaviors exist without a lure/treat. We also raise the level of distractions and distance your dog can work around.

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE : 6 weeks, $120
We now focus on heeling vs loose leash walking, distance sits and downs, recall with stops, and long stays with distance & out of sight.

OFF-LEASH OBEDIENCE (Spring thru Fall): 6 weeks, $120
This is a fun, energy filled class. We work with all the basic behaviors with your dog off leash the entire time. You work on developing a better bond with your dog as he must be motivated to be with you no matter what distraction he might be tempted by.

RALLY BASICS: 6 weeks, $120
You and your dog work as a team to learn the fundamentals of rally for fun or future competition.

This is an AKC award you and your dog can earn. It is a test of 10 different behaviors which shows your dog is well behaved and is in fact a “Canine Good Citizen”. This is the minimum I believe every dog owner should strive for. It's like making sure your kids graduate from High School. We offer a CGC prep class that helps you and your dog get ready to pass the test. The class isn't required to take the test.

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class $20
Canine Good Citizen Test $15

THERAPY & SERVICE DOG WORK, $90/hr, 1 hr minimum
We are proud to work with you and your dog to establish and refine behaviors needed for therapy dog certification or beginning service dog work.

PRIVATE TRAINING: $90/hour, 1-hour minimum by Darcy Emehiser, CPDT-KA

REACTIVE ROVERS: 6 weeks, $110 by Darcy Emehiser, CPDT-KA
For the dog who, for a variety of reasons, needs to be re-socialized. We work through fear and aggression problems, teacnhing you how to work with your dog to eliminate these problems.  Call 967-6768 for an initial private assessmet to determine if your dog's behavior can be worked out in a regular class, or if your dog is a candidate for Reactive Rovers.

Spider participates in doggie aerobics while working on his drops and sits.

Rover's Ranch is located between Pleasant Hill & Runnells IA 50237 | Phone: 515-967-6768
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